This is a tentative list of my side projects. Some are still a work in progress while others are prototypes, things I explored and could be handy in the future. More ideas can be found on my GitHub page.

Flexible Lattice Microphone Array

Flexible Lattice Microphone Array (FLMA) is one of my research projects at university aimed at designing a microphone array with deformation capabilities. The main goal of this project is to demonstrate the capabilities of a such system in outdoor environment for different purposes like surveillance and safety applications. One part of this project deals with the beamforming and source classification algorithms while another focuses on the array deformations and sensor’s positioning tollerance. A common aspect of all parts is the simulation of algorithms and procedures involved using a realistic scenario as well as simulated data.

ARFF reader/writer for MATLAB

During one of my research projects at university I needed to exchange MATLAB’s simulation data to and from Weka, the well-known data mining and machine learning software. I was looking for a lightweight solution that could save time and avoid the manual data conversion which is needed while using plain formats (like TSV or CSV). I chose to hard way:  using the ARFF file format (which is the Weka’s default). This dataset file representation is both text-based and powerful but MATLAB didn’t support that format out of the box. I wrote a small library which does the hard work behind the scenes without using any external binding.

Arduino 24XX1025 EEPROM Library

While working on a side-project I needed to use a couple of 24FC1025 EEPROM chips to store configuration. This family of chips uses the I2C bus to communicate with the uC making the data exchange quite easy. To avoid the rewrite of common code on each small project I decided to write a simple library for 24XX1025 series chips (the AA, LC and FC version share the same interface). I used as reference board the Arduino UNO R3 and the handy Fritzing tool for the schemes.