SublimeText – Flatland

Bored of your current text editor? Try the blazing fast SublimeText: awesomeness included!

Top Five Features:

  • Split Editing
  • Command Palette
  • Package Control
  • Pretty JSON Configuration
  • Fast & Customizable

SublimeText2 (ST2) offers a different approach from other text editors: user first, customization is the key. You can change almost anything (color scheme, theme, keybindings) just writing a couple of JSON lines in the user config file or running commands from the Command Palette. For instance you can create your own theme and color scheme pair completely changing the look&feel of the app. Interested? Take a look of these screenshoots showing the optional Flatland theme and Monokai color scheme:

Flatland Theme

Wait! There’s more. Few keystrokes with Package Control plugin and you can install optional features in seconds.


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